My name is Kayla Jeanne Kindig. As an undergraduate, I attended Case Western Reserve University, where I majored in biology and minored in art. I am currently a Masters student studying electrophysiology of zebrafish hair cells. I enjoy learning about pretty much anything, and I put effort into everything that I do. Once I start something, I have a very hard time stopping. I can appreciate a good challenge. My hobbies include drawing and writing my own comics, cooking, playing videogames, staring into the void, and having headaches. I like cats, snakes, spiders, fish, and squids. I do not fear math, but I do fear social situations. However, I enjoy helping people, so if there's anything you need, feel free to ask me—unless you need a kidney, I need to keep both of those for now. All I want in life is to learn and improve myself for my own sake, to be better than I was yesterday. My greatest goal is to eventually publish my comics.

Email: kjk103@case.edu